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Thubz 07-18-18 02:56 AM

Issue with import/export of textures.

i'm trying to remake my addon for BFA's new interface, now if u look at my addon i use Texture files to recolor the default UI.. for some reason (i had this pre-bfa aswell with 1 texture for character tab) i the main bar texture only excist out of lines with previous version i didn't mind not being able to reskin it cuz it whas something minor altho now that the mainbar has the same im kinda lost now and if i can't fix it my addon can't be updated :(
anyone knows how to fix this issue??

Example shot:

Hope anyone can trow me some magic to resolve this issue <3

MuffinManKen 10-23-18 09:24 PM

Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Are you still having problems? It looks like you've got a messed up alpha channel in your textures.

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