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Mordaki987 10-21-10 11:13 PM

There hardly is anything updated as far as ui compilations go
Is it just me or is there hardly any updates as far as compilations and graphical compilations go? I mean 2 of my favorite uis Elven UI and the fairly new shiva cataclysm ui haven't been updated. I just haven't found a ui that wows me and that looks good to me while playing world of warcraft. at any rate just seems like there needs to be more updates to some of the compilations then what i have seen. i'm not a ui author nor would i have any idea on how to do or update this kind of thing. I'm just making an observation and stating i wish there would be more updates to some of the player made interfaces that i like.

Miralen 10-21-10 11:39 PM

It is actually quite simple to grab one of those uis and update the addons that are found in the compilation, it would be just like updating other addons you would use. Also it is quite easy to just make a ui that wows you, just go grab a few mods such as a bar mod like bartender, a minimap mod (there are tons out there, a buff frame mod, chat mod and any other type of mod you might like and start from scratch, I personally use mostly the same layout as one of my favorite uis (RealUI) with a few differences. while this will probably not be just a one afternoon task for you it will get you a ui that you will be pretty happy with and a ui where you aren't relying on others to constantly make revisions to that you may or may not like.

sikwidit 10-22-10 12:13 AM

try this...

zork 10-22-10 06:03 AM


There hardly is anything updated as far as ui compilations go
This is because some of use take the patch as an advantage and recode all of the addons to make them more appealing or using newly introduced functionality. This obiously takes time. Currently there is not much to do until December 07, so who cares.

I, for myself rewrote most of my addons and created some new ones, just for the patch. This cannot be done in a day nor do you have the motivation to code anyday. But I can already see the end of the tunnel.

But Blizzard introduced some hillarious unitframe bugs making it impossible to create party and raidframes without killing the cpu usage. Hopefully those patches will go live before Cataclysm arrives. If not many addon authors will be troubled. That's one of the main thing that hinders me from finishing the unitframes. I do not want to work around stuff that may get fixed till Cataclysm.

The next most annoying bug next to the raid/partyframes are the nameplates. God how I hate these atm. I'm currently rethinking of how I'm going to work around the issues I'm having with them.

Ferous 10-22-10 06:06 AM

I don't plan to update my compilation for at least a week or even a month. I want to make sure it's ready to go for cataclysm :P

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