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Musinn 04-01-11 02:08 PM

Looking for an buff proc addon
I'm looking for an addon, that allows me to either pick an spesific buff icon and move it to an more obvious place where it stands out from the other buffs I've got.

For example, when my Shadow orbs proc, instead of appearing with all the other buffs, I could have it appear somewhere in the middle where it's easier to notice.

Thanks in advance :)

Sniffles 04-01-11 02:49 PM

Filger can do that for you or rFilter3.

Porsha 04-08-11 05:26 PM

Raven can be configured any way you want. Check it out.

MiniStew 04-09-11 04:59 AM

Power Auras classic can do this. If you download it and create a new 'power aura', type in the name of the buff u want it to use. And choose an aura(image/graphic) to appear ANYWHERE on the screen, you can choose animation and how long it stays for. Whether ur in a party, solo or raid and so on. One of the best addons out there.

tenub 04-09-11 03:30 PM

Raven > Power Auras. People who use Power Auras are the type of people who use horrible addons such as X-Perl and SexyMap.

sikwidit 04-10-11 02:21 AM

oooo i just love raven!

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