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MNKyDeth 11-01-14 04:39 PM

Creating theme from scratch?
I have done a fresh install of OpenRDX 10.0.4_alpha. In 10.0.2 and previous there was a way to make my own theme. Iin 10.0.3 and 10.0.4_alpha it doesn't seem as obvious on how to go about creating a custom theme from scratch.

My question is, what is the normal way to go about creating a theme from scratch? Go into Package Explorer and create a new folder under RDXDiskUser?

Customize one of the theme's to our personal theme? I am just unaware of how to get my theme's name listed in the RDX themes list.

I even went so far as to try to copy a pre-existing theme and then renaming it. Then went through the lua code and renamed all instances of that theme to the name I want for my theme. But it still did not show in the theme list.

sigg 11-02-14 02:59 AM

I will add back the option to create theme from the menu in the version 10.0.5

To create manually a theme :
Open the Explorer
  • Select your disk RDXDiskUser
  • Create a folder (the name of your theme)
  • In this folder create a object desktop call "autodesk"
  • Reload your UI

Your theme will be available in the menu.

What is Autodesk ?
In the past, every time that you install a new version of a theme, the desktop was resetted to default config. So people have to rebuild their desktop (select which Windows to open on the UI, move Windows, dock Windows etc ...).

Now desktop are copied from the theme "autodesk" into the disk system (RDXDiskSystem/desktops), RDX will only look into this folder and build the menu.

If you want to reset the desktop :
Open the Explorer
  • Select the disk RDXDiskSystem
  • Go into the folder desktops
  • Select your desktop, should be in the form "diskname_foldername_default"
  • Delete it
  • Reload your UI

RDX will copy the file from the theme.


MNKyDeth 11-04-14 07:37 AM

Great info thank you very much.

Now, I am curious as how to backup and restore our themes with RDX10.

I have a feeling we migrate our disk to the rdxdiskbackup area. Then we can copy that file to a safe place. Then replace the backup file when updating rdx or duing a reinstall of the game etc. Then just migrate the theme back to a normal area like RDXDiskUser.

Please correct me if I am wrong, thanks.

Zipperton 11-06-14 02:11 PM

Well, for now at least, Sigg hasn't put anything on RDXDiskUser. So you can just go to WTF\Account\<username>\SavedVariables and make a backup of RDXDiskUser.lua along with the addon by the same name. I haven't tried yet, but you can probably use the addon's lua and toc files as a template and make your own disk too. That would probably be the safest route, in the long run.

EDIT: Ok, figured it out.

1. Make a copy of the RDXDiskUser addon and name it ThemeDiskMNKyDeth or whatever you prefer.

2. In that folder, rename RDXDiskUser.toc to ThemeDiskMNKyDeth.toc. Then open up both the toc and lua files and replace all occurrences of RDXDiskUser with ThemeDiskMNKyDeth. Don't worry, they're really short files that are really easy to read.

3. Put the new addon in your wow addons folder and fire up the game. You now have your own RDX disk. Migrate your theme/bindings/whatever to the new disk for safe keeping. Backups can be made by backing up both the addon and the .lua file by the same name in your saved variables folder.

MNKyDeth 11-07-14 12:18 PM

Thanks Zipperton, I am now able to backup my theme and make changes and revert them with backups.

Now I just can't wait for another update lol.

sigg 11-08-14 03:15 AM

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Zipperton has perfectly described the new system.

In addition, you can now load/unload disks using Blizzard Addon manager from the game.

But do not unload the Disk System.


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