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Virroo 05-04-15 04:35 PM

Looking for DK WeakAura assistance.
Hey guys. I recently picked up my DK again for a little lvling, but quickly realized that I never had to deal with the rune system before.
I have been through all the rune addons but couldn't find one that was perfect.
I figured that WeakAura would be the way to go in making my own little rune layout, but I am just not skilled enough when it comes to that.
You guys have been super helpful and very good at what you do in the past, so I come to you with my question:

Would it be possible to set up a weak aura that shows my runes like this:

Even better would be if it could also be on a 50% opacity or something like that, out of combat.

I'm not sure if this is doable, but i'm sure that if you guys can't conjure up a string for this, no one can :)
Thanks in advance!

Tonyleila 05-05-15 05:39 AM

I guess its possible yes but hard to do. I think its easy possible with Vex Runes

Virroo 05-05-15 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by Tonyleila (Post 308612)
I guess its possible yes but hard to do. I think its easy possible with Vex Runes

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I had a look at that addon, but I remember running into an issue with it. It might have been that the scaling and layout configs couldnt be configged to fit my UI, or perhaps it was the fact that it did not have a "fade out" function when out of combat.
I will give it a look when i get home.

So the weak aura thing is totally crazy you think?

Tonyleila 05-05-15 05:52 PM

It has realy all options you coud think of you can move each rune individualy, hide out of combat etc. It woud be a lot of code with WA. Not an easy job.

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