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MC82 04-22-05 03:12 PM (xbox 360)
Hey guys,
If you have not heard, there is a new xbox viral site similar to

Itís is called, Basically its a bunch of word puzzles that you have to solve, each time you solve it something is revealed. I need a good team of puzzle solvers to join or anyone who wants to try.

To get through the first step, go to the, type in PLAY and press the ant.

Then at the top of the new screen there should be an option to join an existing colony and the teams password is 29926066

I need your support, if you love puzzles join up.

DarksunX 04-23-05 01:54 PM

i'll give it a go

let's see what you got site!!

DarksunX 04-23-05 02:00 PM

Ok... so Site 1.... Me 0.... that's a toughy...

"I am in 6 places where you talk"... what could it be..?

xGTx 04-23-05 11:38 PM

my brain hurts :X

MC82 04-25-05 05:48 PM

ive been looking at this every so often and its just impossible

I just found out that these questions sometimes have answers no where near what you would think. Every so often MS gives us a new clue. They probably will give the new clue near the announcement date (May 12th)

Remelio 04-25-05 08:29 PM

I love these sort of games. I was really taken in by the game for the AI movie... it was better than the movie was ... IMO of course :)

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