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Aalwein 01-30-15 12:15 PM

Two characters with the same name, opposing factions
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I have two sets of characters that have the same name but reside on different servers and opposite factions. When I play the Alliance characters, everything is smooth as butter. When I play the Horde versions of the characters, the maps are all wonky and the quest log gets filled with nil objectives as I pick up new quests. It appears that the WoW minimap is offset compared to the Carbonite map, and everything from quest blobs to map icons are placed incorrectly on the Carbonite map (see attachmet).

This ONLY occurs when I play my Horde characters that have the same name as my Alliance characters on another server. Here's additional info:

1. I leveled the Alliance characters to 100 before the Horde versions ever entered Draenor
2. It occurs on all maps, not just in Draenor (tested in Frostfire Ridge and Orgrimmar)
3. Characters in questions share the same class in one case, but have different classes in the other
4. The maps work fine on both Horde and Alliance characters that have no name duplicates
5. No errors occur

Let me know if there is more data I can collect to help solve this.

Aalwein 02-07-15 12:54 PM

This issue cropped up again in a different manner. I copied over all my files and settings to my wife's computer who plays a mage. I copied my mage's settings to her computer and the map is bugging out like my original post. Her mage has a different name, of course.

Aalwein 02-07-15 05:56 PM

Issue resolved: somehow Mappy got reenabled and obviously it would cause conflicts. Disabled and everything is operating as expected.

ircdirk 02-08-15 09:59 AM

Ohhh good to know, so its incompatiblity with Mappy?

Aalwein 02-09-15 01:19 AM


Originally Posted by ircdirk (Post 306240)
Ohhh good to know, so its incompatiblity with Mappy?

Yep. Which makes sense since Mappy takes over the minimap.

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