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Fluffydork 05-11-21 07:49 AM

TBC Beta: Frame->Backdrop
Hello everyone,

I have an issue with TBC Beta frames. Namely the following

<Frame ... >
  <backdrop tile="true" edgeFile="..." bgfile="...">
    <EdgeSize val="7"/>
    <BackgroundInsets bottom="2" top="2" right="2" left="2"/>

does not seem to have any effect (no background nor edges are displayed). I have verified that edgeFile and bgfile point to existing files.

The same code seems to be working fine on TBC PTR. Anyone knows what's going on?

DahkCeles 05-11-21 08:34 AM

BC Classic uses the 9.0.1 backdrop system.

Fluffydork 05-11-21 08:52 AM

Oh, cheers mate, I will try that out ;)

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