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Vis 11-27-16 06:02 AM

Battle Pet Collecting
Has anyone heard/seen a collection addon for Battle Pets that will tell you where you can tame the highest wild level of a pet? For instance say you can capture lvl 1 Rabbits in Elwynn Forest, but you can also capture Rabbits at lvl 20 in Terrokar Forest. Mousing over the lvl 1 or even the name in the Pet Journal would show the lvl and zone availability of that in the tooltip or in another window.

Seerah 12-04-16 07:11 PM

Not an addon, but I use for my collecting needs. <3

Vis 12-05-16 07:46 PM

Thank you Seerah. I had completely forgotten about that site. It's been probably a year or two since seeing it, lol. Looking it over now, they show the information I'm after for each tameable wild pet.

Grumpyrowley 12-06-16 11:04 AM

I use which is not quite what you are after but might help

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