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Cairenn 09-22-14 02:31 PM

When posting problems
Minion is currently in beta and you may encounter some problems. We are committed to improving Minion so please contact us if you encounter problems.

When you post a bug report or ask for help, we would greatly appreciate the following information, as well as the report:
  • Your minion#.log (located under C:\Users\<username>\.minion\).
  • Your minion.xml (located under C:\Users\<username>\.minion\).
  • A screenshot of the problem if applicable.
  • What operating system are you using Minion with? 64bit or 32bit?

Thanks for your help in testing Minion. Hopefully you find it easy to use and helpful. :)

Bluspacecow 10-15-14 02:11 AM

But I don't know how to go to C:\ on a Mac :eek:


Bluspacecow 10-15-14 02:15 AM

In terminal :

echo Ackis is a Mexican , Blu is Australian ; open ~/.minion/

The first part before the semi colon is most important :D

Nah not really guys , private joke :banana:


open ~/.minion/
Info : This invokes the open command of OS X to open the folder in /Users/[current user]/.minion/


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