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Morrtin 08-25-18 05:17 AM

UI Scaling

i am back to Wow after 4 years and I am happy to see that my preferred UI is still here. But I am not able to set it up correctly :-(

I have a new Monitor with 2560x1440 so I choose the HighRes setup. This messes everything up.

When I switch back to normal resolution then everything is to small for me.

Is there a way to set the HighRes setting to on for example 1.5 scale and not 2?

Here are the pictures:

Gethe 08-25-18 11:19 PM

what do you get if you enter in chat

/dump GetPhysicalScreenSize()

Morrtin 08-26-18 01:54 AM


Dump: value=GetPhysicalScreenSize()

boomfrogz 08-31-18 12:37 PM

HighRes dont work

Originally Posted by Gethe (Post 329849)
what do you get if you enter in chat

/dump GetPhysicalScreenSize()

I have the same problem. Standard Interface is ok, but everything very small. When I activate HighRes everything gets too big (Im not that old :) )

You also can see in the chat the result of "/dump GetPhysicalScreenSize()"

GMRod 09-10-18 08:42 AM

I have this happening as well.

But, I like my stuff small so I use it like this.

Although, I'm seeing the other two guys with issues are using 1440p, same as me.

This makes me think the option for high res, is meant for 4K displays and that's why it's too big when activated in 1440p.

So from what little knowledge I have, this means the UI would need some sort of conditional scaling based on the user's resolution maybe?
I realize this could be a lot of work based on the number of possible resolutions people can run the game at, but since the pixel fonts and such have been dropped, there should be a way...

For reference, here's my screen:

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