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maccormaic 04-26-09 07:45 AM

Vehicle dismount button missing?
Running 5.02.05. During a battle in Wintergrasp, I boarded one of the front seats on a demolisher and could not locate the dismount. Where should I have been looking for that?

spiel2001 04-26-09 08:09 AM

This is a known issue that I'm working on... for now, just press the 5 key on your number pad and it should dismount you.

maccormaic 04-26-09 10:23 PM

Flying a laptop, so no keypad. But knowing the keypad-5 is a hotkey will allow me to remap something else to it. Thanks!

spiel2001 04-27-09 05:55 AM

With a little luck... last night's update should fix the problem.

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