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Kendian 12-28-12 06:18 PM

Hiyas all. I'm trying to figure out how to adjust the size of three frames: RaidBossEmoteFrame, UIErrorsFrame, and RaidWarningFrame.
I have a macro that I use

/script RaidWarningFrame:SetScale(0.4)
/script UIErrorsFrame:SetScale(0.4)
/script RaidBossEmoteFrame:SetScale(0.4)

but would like to not have to press button every time I reload. Is this possible? My thanks, for any/all help, in advance~

Phanx 12-28-12 10:20 PM

1. Go to

2. Paste your macro into the box and remove the "/script " prefixes from each line.

3. Fill in the other fields as desired.

4. Click the button to get a ZIP of your macro turned into an addon.

Kendian 12-29-12 11:03 AM

That has to be one of the coolest things I've seen, lady. Thank you very much~

Vlad 01-03-13 07:29 PM

Phanx he called you a lady, lol.

Also, you need a macro for that, or something... :3

Phanx 01-03-13 10:17 PM

I do have a "macro" for it at home, using the Notes feature in Opera (right-click, insert note, click that one). I also have one for "how to generate a list of your addons" and one for "how to identify an addon conflict". :p

Seerah 01-03-13 11:51 PM


Originally Posted by Vlad (Post 271318)
Phanx he called you a lady, lol.

Are you saying Phanx isn't a lady? ;)

Phanx 01-04-13 05:41 AM

I may or may not agree, depending on the context. ;)

TSquared 01-04-13 11:19 AM

Wait ... Phanx did you make that? What an AWESOME idea!

Holy moley! I love it!

Seerah 01-04-13 12:51 PM

Actually, TSquared, it's Vlad's site. :)

TSquared 01-04-13 02:32 PM

well congrats to Vlad for a simple but effective system :D

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