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TightwadTheMage 04-06-19 06:05 PM

Party member location blips in every zone
I am currently having an issue where any time I am in a party or raid group, all of the party or raid member map blips are appearing in any zone i am in. It seems as if the zone information is not being transmitted or recieved, only the coordinates, so no matter which zone i mouse over, they all appear to be in that zone, according to their position coordinates, and if i change which zone i am moused over, all of the blips then appear to be in that zone. is this due to some setting or is it due to some issue within the coding? do i have something turned off or turned on that i should check? please advise.

Thrumbar 04-09-19 05:18 PM

It looks like the party members are shown in the same coord in all moused over zones indicating that the zone info is not provided for party members...:eek:

ircdirk 04-10-19 12:45 AM

Pushed fix to latest Alpha. Please confirm if this works.

Thrumbar 04-10-19 02:44 AM

Fixed for me.....:banana:

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