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bsmorgan 06-09-21 08:33 AM

Replacement or enhancement for Scrap_Cleaner
I am using Scrap_Cleaner on Classic Era which chooses the cheapest junk item in your bags when they become full and deletes it (using PickupContainerItem() and DeleteCursorItem()). Burning Crusade Classic (and retail) has crippled DeleteCursorItem() by requiring a hardware event.

I'm looking for either a modification to Scrap_Cleaner to maybe add a button on the screen (Hopefully not smack in the middle like a dialog) or an alternative addon that does a similar thing.

I looked at DeJunk but when told to destroy junk, it does all of it at once. I'd prefer to keep as much as possible until I can reach a vendor to sell it for gold (and now, selling it all at once is preferable!)

Any suggestions?

jeffy162 06-09-21 09:29 AM

Why not just use "Scrap" ( ) for your... well ... junk in your bags?

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it was updated for Classic, but it might just work for Classic.

bsmorgan 06-09-21 11:30 AM

Scrap_Cleaner is a plugin for Scrap so yes, I am using Scrap and have updated the .toc.

There are numerous "at the vendor" junk addons. Scrap_Cleaner is the only "in the field" option I can find.

When my bags are full, Scrap_Cleaner finds the cheapest junk item and deletes it (or attempts to). I can then pickup the mob's quest item and move to the next mob. When I finally can visit a vendor, the base Scrap addon sells all the remaining junk. I've minimized the amount of gold I got rid of "in the field".

Kanegasi 06-09-21 03:58 PM

While you search for a solution, you're welcome to thank Ketho for causing this problem:

bsmorgan 06-09-21 08:30 PM

I'm not opposed to preventing the deletion of an entire inventory but I would have preferred a solution that required a hardware event between each deletion instead of a hardware event before each deletion.

This would allow addons that were designed to delete one item to continue to function. In that scenario, plenty of hardware events would naturally occur between deletions.

I have been trying to modify the Scrap_Cleaner to have a button that appears when it wants to do a DeleteCursorItem() which can be clicked (the hardware event) to finish the process as suggested in, but I haven't been successful. I was hoping someone else had already done so and would be kind enough to share or to challenge someone more clever than myself to do it.

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