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JahirahDK 08-04-21 08:56 PM

Conditional inheritance
I've been wanting to ask how a macro such as this would work.... if at all....
My question centers around the [group/nogroup] and whether or not they apply to the subsequent conditionals?

/cast [group][@focus,exists,nodead][@mouseover,exists,nodead,harm][] Counter Shot
/cast [nogroup][exists][nodead][harm][] Counter Shot

Would this kind of macro work or do you need to add "group" to the individual conditional statements?

SDPhantom 08-04-21 11:16 PM

There is no inheritance to macro conditions. The comma-separated list inside the brackets is a logical and, meaning everything has to be true to apply. The groups enclosed in brackets are then considered as a logical or, meaning only one of the conditions need to be true for the spell to cast. The target parameter from the first matching logical and is used for the associated spell.

I'm guessing this is the macro you're trying to make:

/cast [@focus,group,harm,nodead][@mouseover,group,harm,nodead][] Counter Shot
Notes: For a spell that requires an enemy, it's better off to use harm instead of exists. Also, harm implies exists, you don't need both defined.

Rilgamon 08-04-21 11:17 PM

no,each bracket [] is tested and the first that is true is executed.
So you need group/nogroup in each bracket you want it to work.

JahirahDK 08-05-21 12:43 AM

Thank you both, appreciate your input!

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