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bartg71 08-30-17 12:59 PM

Help w/Compact Raid problem?
Hello lovely addon authors / fixers out there. I use a raid-frame addon called Compact Raid ( for past few years, which until the past few patches of Legion, has been kept faithfully updated by its author. The problem that exists, is it has support for Clique, along w/a built in module for 'click-casting' that basically does same, but less user friendly to set up etc. Normally, you simply turn off / disable the 'click-cast' mod, and Clique works fine. Now however, since the Legion updates the author did for patch 7.0,7.1 and 7.2, the module keeps re-enabling itself, every single time you reload ui, crash or simply log out of the game. I'm somewhat decent at looking for basic on/off, true/false flags that might have accidentally been left on, but I don't have enough LUA code brains to figure out where on earth the controls for this module are really hiding. Even deleting the module for click-cast from the addon folder itself doesn't fix anything. Have left several fix requests both on curse addon page, curseforge, to the author etc, but it seems he's not able or interested to fix this, as there has been no response for a few months now.

As a disabled gamer, this raid frames addon normally works perfectly for what I want / need it to do, and I dun' wanna give up Clique to setup the built in addon cast-bind feature, over and over as its very tedious and prone to errors.

If anyone can find an easy fix that i can add to the code or a way to fan-update it, pls pls let me know. thx!!

bartg71 08-31-17 09:39 AM

well, seems someone updated a fan version a few hrs ago and it fixed the problem, so yay!!! Thx if someone passed the word to Ackinaw!!

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