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richwarf 10-27-09 07:12 PM

wtf, lost nui layout + keyboard settings
ok, i have no idear what the hell i did or waht, but i have not lost ALL my keyboard shortcuts on all my toons, lucky most have reset them self to what they was but fuction key moved about, so that jsut a hot fix i was able to do when raid preping.

Then i get the random boot from WoW servers, thinking no biggie, loged back and and i have now lost my custom 4by3 table of the main bars, So i gone to edit the lua code back to what it was only to find they code for 4by3 still there...

Any one have any idears to why my bars are showing up as defualt but the lua code is 4by3.

Also any ider to why it will not save my keybinding back?

ty for any info, and now i off to bed :P
Read ya in the morning

richwarf 10-28-09 06:45 AM

I found the other post about KB loosing ect.

I also found out that somthing made 2 copys of my wow file on my PC for some reason, and well the right luna code was in the other wow file...

I have now fixed this and looking into the logs to work out what the hell made two files of WoW...

(it also turns out that curse was updating both addon files..)

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