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Saeadame 03-15-11 06:31 AM

Modifying nUI's unit and raid frames without coding
Hi all, I'm not sure if this is where to post this, but I recently did a modification of nUI that I thought might be worth sharing. It's fairly similar to the original, but this setup works better for me as a healer (personal opinion - I'm sure many people find the default frames fine for healing as well).

Anyway, I'm code-stupid, and plus if you download any updates for nUI it will wipe out any changes you made unless you save that file and just hope it wasn't one of the ones changed.

Some pictures:
- Solo/5 man version
- 25m raid version

I had a couple problems with the basic nUI layout. The first was that if I had Vuhdo as an info panel, I could never see Skada at the same time. Seeing as Skada is my threat meter in addition to my healing/damage meter, this was a little bit of an issue. I suppose I could have switched over to Clique, but I don't really like how the unit frames are set up in nUI, either in 5-mans or in the larger sizes. I think my main problems are that the frames are different sizes, the two sides are too far apart, and/or they're too big. I like to have my raid frames all quite close together, and not too big, so I can easily and quickly move my mouse between players.

But I'm a coding failorz, so I could pester people on the forums with questions about how to change it, or I could be "cheap" and... cover it.

Anyway, it was quite simple, I had the basic nUI addon, plus the nUI glossy black skin (although you could theoretically use whichever one you want, a black one is easiest), and Vuhdo (not tied to the info panel), kgpanels, and Shadowed Unit Frames.

The purpose of kgpanels is quite simple, you just cover the parts of nUI that you want to replace with a different addon. Now, if you haven't used kgpanels before, here's a tutorial on how to make a box. You can, if you don't like having the glossy black skin, play around with background images to suit your preferred skin. Under your box's options, there will be an option called "Level". To completely cover all parts of the unit frames, set this to 14+, and the box will cover the nUI frames. For my setup, I made three boxes, one for the left, right and bottom. Next, position your preferred raid frames (Vuhdo, Grid, etc) on top of either box, which ever one you like better. Mine are on the left. You can size and position your frames however you like in the space. The only concern might be for 40 man battleground - the space is a little small to fit 40 people worth of raid frames if you still want to be able to see the map. I have Vuhdo set to change the size of my raid frames depending on what size of group I'm in, hence why the solo/5-man frames are so large.

Next, you need actual unit frames for yourself/target/etc. I personally chose Shadowed Unit Frames, because I'm used to the configuration options, but I'm sure other Unit Frame addons would work just fine. I chose to have five unit frames (self/target/t of target/focus/pet) as that's the information I like to have in my unit frames, but you could easily just have yourself and your target, larger, if that's all you need. Because of the number of unit frames, there wasn't really room for anything else, but if you have fewer frames you might be able to fit another addon in there if you wish.

Tips: Since, to give maximum room to your raid frames/unit frames you will probably want to cover the sides of the tooltip below the map, you may wish to find a different tooltip addon. I personally use TipTac.

Warning: While the modifications I set up for all these additions on one character worked without any changes on all my other characters, it's possible it may not be the case for you, or that when you start a new character they won't be perfectly set up. I would suggest saving "profiles" of each of the settings you want so you can quickly load your settings if for some reason they don't import automatically.

Hope this helps out some other people who want to modify some parts of nUI but don't have the coding know-how to do it through the files - good luck!

Seer 03-15-11 09:39 AM

Definatly (sp?) not my style but nicely done.

How does it look in a 10 or 25 men raid setting ?

Saeadame 03-15-11 04:49 PM

Added a pic from a 25m BH I did today, hope that shows it as a healer in a raid group better.

Seer 03-15-11 05:13 PM

Might be something Spiel could use as a template perhaps for one of the nUI6 unit frames. Still, to colorfull for my taste :)

Just wondering, you seem to have 2 kind of "tooltips" ? (On over Skada and one above the debuffs)

Saeadame 03-15-11 05:28 PM

Ah yeah, I had them turned back on for some reason. The one on top of skada is the Vuhdo tooltips, which I usually have turned off. The other one is TipTac, which is my usual tooltip addon.

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