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euphraties 12-12-09 12:02 AM

Pallypower Intergration
one of the biggest reasons i love Nui so much is that it does wonders at clearing alot of the clutter from my screen. is there any chance that you might be able to integrate Pallypower into it as you did healbot, omen, and recount?

spiel2001 12-12-09 10:46 AM

It's been mentioned before. It may happen, though I've kind of been hoping a user would pick up the slack on that since I have such limited time right now.

Xrystal 12-12-09 10:52 AM

I could probably rig one up but without the ability to test it would make it awkward. However, for those wishing to try their hand at it, I am quite willing to rig up the base project and hand it over for someone to perfect it after some testing. There does seem to be a main frame PallyPowerFrame that can be used to reparent so the easy part is there. The next step is to use the PallyPower functions to resize/rearrange to fit into the infopanel if such functions exist.

euphraties 12-12-09 06:52 PM

well i have to say that i would love to be of assistance to all of you that have put so much work into making Nui but the fact that i know next to nothing about programing makes it extremely hard. however if there is ever anything that i could do pls let me know. also i do apologize for restating what has already been discussed, i was just in the middle of a ton of stuff yesterday and did not have a chance to read everything. so sorry for sounding like a noob

Xrystal 12-12-09 07:18 PM

No worries. I'll try to spend some time on it during the week. It usually doesn't take me long to get one up and running. It's the fine tuning that takes the time.

Xrystal 12-14-09 09:04 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Well, a basic version seems to be working. Without a group / raid test option it is hard to see how it will work in that size of a group. Here's a screenshot of it working on my lowbie pally and a version people can test out with higher level spells and bigger parties.

If you can send me screenshots and let me know which settings you did to make it fit for group and raid options it would be helpful. Worse case scenario wouldl be that it would need to be dragged out for raid situations but it would still be invisible if the infopanel wasn't selected.

spiel2001 12-14-09 09:09 AM

Just a suggestion ma'am -- make the button label "PallyPwr" instead of "Pally Power" and it will probably fit inside the button.

Looks good though... I know it's going to make a lot of people happy to see this info panel.

Xrystal 12-14-09 09:25 AM

Rofl, thats why I posted it up so people could make their suggestions before I post up the final version. Fortunately the frame is moveable so even if joining groups it messes up position wise it can be adjusted with the different options so that at least a 5 man group will fit comfortably in there.

euphraties 12-14-09 08:59 PM

regardless of anything else the what i can already see is perfect is that once i click out of the pallypower info box pallypower disappears which means that i could have it placed in its normal spot on the screen and only bring it up when i need to buff someone. i havent really been able to test it much more than that but i can already say it looks like a winner in my book even is this was the finished product. tyvm for the work you put into this. and i would have to ask if there are any resources out there that one might be able to use to learn how to do things like this

Xrystal 12-14-09 09:37 PM

Well thats cool. Thanks for checking it out.

Yeah, if the panel works out too small for most of your usage you can always drag it to a spot thats more useful and just hide it by clicking out of the panel. I used to do it all the time with healbot and grid and helped alot.

If you're interested in learning addon creation try looking at the wowwiki website for its interface information. I use it alot as a guide.

Also, find a small addon that does almost what you want then find out how to get it to do what you want. EG. Window doesn't move ? Get it made moveable. My first addon was a simple display window showing my gold. It was based on the blizzard tutorial.

Aznamir 12-14-09 10:28 PM


Originally Posted by Xrystal (Post 169890)
Well, a basic version seems to be working.

You can probably create a module to display current buff configuration, assign blessing and show buff timers on raid members, but for actual buffing you'll need some serious mojo (SecuredActionButtonTemplate and other fun stuff).

Xrystal 12-15-09 04:02 AM


Originally Posted by Aznamir (Post 170059)
You can probably create a module to display current buff configuration, assign blessing and show buff timers on raid members, but for actual buffing you'll need some serious mojo (SecuredActionButtonTemplate and other fun stuff).

It wouldn't be possible in this addon unless it was programmatically possible to get PallyPower to do this. All this plugin does is give PallyPower an infopanel ID so that when that infopanel is visible, so is PallyPower, when it isn't likewise.

Xrystal 12-15-09 04:35 AM

Oh wow Aznamir, didn't realise you were the creator of PallyPower *blushes*. Yes even I forget to look at the name of the creator when downloading stuff *grins*.

As has been pointed out I think it is pretty much ready to roll but my level 4 pally isn't a good all round tester on her own, so I'll wait awhile and see if any glitches turn up and then I'll post it up as the base version and will build any pre-formatting changes onto it as and when requests are made. Different resolutions will make a difference too which will mean that 4 buttons across is fine for me but others could be able to use 10 due to the extra width they have.

euphraties 12-15-09 10:42 AM

well it works well solo and 5 man and in all truth i cant see any reason why that would change as the group size scales up. thank you again for the help on this one

Xrystal 12-15-09 11:00 AM

No probs and thanks for testing it out for me. I'll prettify it up and upload it in a few hours.

Okay, uploaded and pending confirmation.

Paksonarrion 12-15-09 01:57 PM

I looked for something like this a while ago, great work ^^
If ZOMGBuffs keep acting up, I may go back to PP, and this will be a godsend.

euphraties 12-18-09 08:47 PM

ok so now that i have played with it for a while i just wanted to say thanks again and to verify that it is working exactly as it should up to and including 40 man raids

Xrystal 12-18-09 09:23 PM

thanks for that confirmation on 40 man use.

euphraties 12-18-09 10:35 PM

np wintergrasp is a wonderfull thing

harleymax 12-20-09 11:31 AM

Just a quick question here.. which layout, scale size, etc. are any of you using when in a 5 man and higher grp to keep the entire thing in the nUI box? I saw this and was extremely excited about it. But when I logged into a raid grp to test it out, all of the other classes were completely off my screen. I had to move the entire buff box just to be able to buff the other classes. I tried all of the different layout options that PP has and it didn't fix it. I'm sorry that I don't have a SS to show you, but it's a pretty simple thing to imagine, all the other classes buff boxes run completely off the screen. I love the fact that someone is taking the time to do something for this, so TY in advance for all the work. Also, I too am programmer challenged so I wouldn't have the first clue on how to change this LOL.

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