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DugiGuides 08-28-12 03:02 AM

Carbonite Alternative for MoP
Hi everyone, I'm Dugi and I developed a lightweight addon that was inspired by Carbonite.

Dugi Questing Essentials

I have included a lot of features that you love about Carbonite (everything except for the google map)

But some of the other features are much better such as

- The NPC tracking with 'Find Nearest' feature to help you find NPCs for professions, flightmaster, vendors, etc
- The Taxi System which automatically create a route for you. This will include all forms of transportations such as teleport spells or items, boats, zeppelins, available flight master, the speed of your mount.

This is a well maintained addon and we have the funding to continue developing it to include more stuff in the future. Check it out as I'm sure you will like it, if you have any questions or please ask them in the comment section of the addon link and not here as this is the Carbonite forum.


schwim 08-28-12 08:31 AM

I believe you will find over 3/4 of the people that still use this increasingly buggy addon use it for it's map(myself included).

Any plans to integrate something of the sort into yours?

Spahut 08-28-12 11:31 AM

Yeah, must have google maps!

Reddsonja 08-28-12 12:43 PM

Yup, google map is a biggie as is the ability to detect enemy players close by. I also like how it shows you all the gold and items all of your characters have but I know other addons can do that so it's no big deal.

Quest tracking and ease of setting waypoints is nice too. And I love the little map inside a map thing and the way Carbonite rearranges the little icons such as: Clock, calendar, raid/dungeon finder, any other addon icon, etc etc.

Catitude 08-28-12 02:36 PM

It's all about the MAP
For me and 100's of other users that I have personally talked with, over Mutiple servers, including over half of the members of a 25th lvl guild, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MAP!!!!
The Google style Map is the best one I have found for WoW & I have tried every Map addon that has crossed my path in over 4yrs
If I could find another addon with all of the Map features Carbonite has, I would bid Carbonite a loving tearful goodbye & deal with the things I don't like in other addons to get some of the flexability back. :(
I would rather not have to...
Yes I love the quest log, though I use it on ALT L rather than it fully replacing Blizz's own as there are couple of features Blizz has that I prefer...
Carbonite Quest tracking? I put up with the errors because I love the pinpoint accuracy 99% of the time
I don't believe this would be the appropriate place to Debate the Pro's & Cons of Paid questing /leveling addons vs Free. I use both...
I never have used the Carbonite Social Window as I'm ok with the original...

All in all if I had to pick a few of the 50+ addons Curse Client says I use & the 2 I have from elsewhere
Carbonite would always be the first on my list.
Regrettably I have no clue how to fix it for MoP.
If someone were to give me an exact list of what need to be changed, what to change it to, and where, I could do that. I would be happy to & have done just that in many SP games over the years.

skyesfury 08-28-12 04:55 PM

The map is indeed the primary reason I use Carbonite.

It's gonna suck if it's no longer useable.

Tempista 08-28-12 05:12 PM

I too am gonna have to say the map is where it is at. That was a huge sell for me and a few of my friends. I will, however, check out your UI and see if I like it enough to ditch Carbonite.

Maeby 08-28-12 06:48 PM

I would even go so far as to say, that most of the time, I would prefer to have nothing but the map!

Has no one, even Carbonite themselves, made an addon that is just the fabulous map?

Rythal 08-28-12 06:50 PM

I admit it aswell... 99% is the map for me, 1% is the quest tracker, I love how it looks and shudder when carbonite's not loaded and I see the default one.

shadow78 08-28-12 08:09 PM

DugiGuides 08-28-12 09:13 PM

well those are valuable feedbacks, perhaps sometime after MoP is released we'll try to add this feature.

The map and the quest tracker need to be able to work together and carbonite does this by using their own quest tracker and data. Otherwise all you have is the google map without any quest tracking information.

Creating the quest tracker data is I think the bulk of the work.. but if its possible data mine those information straight from the files then it would be much easier.

Ideally we would still use the Blizzard quest tracker itself.. as there's no sense in reinventing the wheel.

Rythal 08-28-12 09:18 PM

actually in the version people are using as of today, it is entirely blizzards quest data... to many quests have changed in the 10 starting area's so I made the decision to temporarily disable it's internal database within the fan update.

9Nails 08-28-12 10:05 PM

Hi Dugi,

I use and paid for your guides, and donated to Carbonite as well. Love both these add-ons and can't highly recommend them enough. Dugi's mob targeting and the quest navigation features are a fantastic time saver that make WoW a lot more enjoyable. And your narratives for the quests are better than slogging through any quest narrative to try and decipher what you're supposed to do...

Like others here, I also find Carbonite a *Must Have* for the Google Maps-like feature, and warehouse / inventory tracking, and finally for the "GoTo Map Coordinates" feature. Carbonite is a nice to have for the player tracking, and quest status broadcasting to party. Finally, Carbonite helps me with Gathering by offering node location importing for my gathering professions and also allows me to place notes on the map. Like, "* - Good place to farm Cloth." So Carbonite is different enough from Dugi's guides, and has some irreplaceable features. If you're looking to develop these into your guides, hey, I already said I pay for your products, so there you go :)

-happy customer

Kreelor 08-29-12 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by Rythal (Post 260643)
I admit it aswell... 99% is the map for me, 1% is the quest tracker, I love how it looks and shudder when carbonite's not loaded and I see the default one.

You made me laugh out-loud to myself!

When you said you "shudder" when carbonite's not loaded, it reminded me that I go into an absolute coma! I can't figure out where to start playing the game without workable maps! ha ha.

I don't need the quest-tracking tool. I never use it, since the Zygor Leveling Guide is far superior.

The important features of the Carbonite addon to me (beyond the required zoomable, detailed maps) are:

* Warehouse

* The red "?" guide (which has been broken for several years!) to help me locate various things.

* Right-clicking on the map(s) to set my own direction to specific locations like the entrance to a cave or a "break" in the mountains that I can transverse, etc.

* The ability to add Notes to the maps with details. Actually, the Notes system could be improved greatly.

At my age (67) sometimes it's hard to remember where certain things are. And, it's especially difficult because Blizzard failed to help users by providing NECESSARY information. For instance, if you're a Horde char around lvl 11 in Fairbreeze Village (Eversong Woods area) and you need to find the "Orb of Translocation," to get to Silverpine Forest, how in the hell can you find it, since it's not on any map nor in any textual directions in the game? A "Note" makes it easy to find the next time you need to get there, assuming you can find the damned thing in the first place! You need it in order to go to Silverpine Forest easily without running 5,000 miles on foot!

That holds true also for finding the CLOSEST Trainer or Vendor of any kind. Carbonite no longer supplies that info correctly. When you ask Carbonite's Guide (the red "?") where the closest Fishing Trainer is while you are in Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Vale)... and you are standing on the toes of a Fishing Trainer --- Carbonite will tell you that you need to go to Kalimdor or Northrend to find the "closest" one! Absurdity.

I'm mentioning these pet peeves because they are time consuming, unless you have a photographic memory and instant recall ability. The "Guide" used to be workable years ago. I wish it was again, especially since Blizzard moves doo-doo around just for the fun of it.

I forgot a major pet peeve of mine; Why are there no icons on any map nor any instructions (a list) of PORTALS in the game itself to travel to far-away locations from where you are currently? Blizzard forces users to leave the game and go to a 3rd-party website just to find out how to play the game which they got paid to produce!!!

I pray that you keep some of these issues in mind as well, as long as you're doing such a great job of helping thousands of us.

faerosong 08-29-12 04:20 PM

I am most interested in sharing quests with my party. The way carbonite does the updates is great. Is there any other addon that can do that? I think maybe questhelper did but last I saw that was still pretty broken.

schizophrena 08-29-12 09:43 PM

Am I the only one that loves the call out ability and zoom ability (well I guess that part goes with the map) of the battlegrounds? I absolutely love calling out incoming attacks quickly and saying how many are coming. Along with the ability to see what players are in combat, where they are, and their health - JUST by looking at the map. I usually call out incoming, tell people to help certain bases or even attack other bases by using Carbonite. I do not know if there is a good replacement for that, but that is something I love to use.

xmanii 08-30-12 06:21 AM

Not really liking to do "me too" posts, but yea, that map in carbonite, is sexy :banana:

bigsleepy121 08-30-12 09:59 PM

humm.... :(
in my opinion its nowhere near a replacement for carbonite. I tried it before rythal did his fan update (witch is awesome). Now this is a very good addon don't get me wrong, its just not what people here are looking for. This is a good questing /mapster type addon but no carbonite. Please add Google map/right click way point feature/bg map/ Warehouse ect. ( pretty much all the stuff people loves carbonite ) then we can all call it a Carbonite Alternative for MoP. like i said very good addon just not and very good Alternative.

Pelargonia 08-31-12 10:50 AM

The Warehouse is one of the things about Carbonite that I found the most convenient, especially since Blizzard instituted its own quest tracking features. I am checking out other Quest Trackers including Dugi's to see if I can find anything that I like to use still in place of Carbonite, and there are several out there, but I cannot find a replacement for the Warehouse.

Spahut 09-01-12 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by DugiGuides (Post 260534)

Actually Dugi, sorry to have been negative with the map (i just miss it a lot) - your addon is very nice, and useful. Thanks for sharing.

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