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Quark 10-26-05 10:12 AM

Energy Watch V2, Need Help
I have a problem with Energy Watch V2. I installed it right, it shows on MyAddons in the character selection screen, but I can't get it to show up on my screen. I think it may have something to do with me enabling it. So how do I enable it?


EnergyWatch v2 : Usage - /ew option
on : Enables EnergyWatch
off : Disables EnergyWatch
unlock : Allows you to move EnergyWatch
lock : Locks EnergyWatch
sound _ : Sets Sound on/off or custom
invert : Invert progress bar direction
scale _ : Scales EnergyWatch (0.25 - 3.0)
help _ : Prints help for certain options (below)
text _ : Sets the text on EnergyWatch
show _ : Set when EnergyWatch should be shown
I typed in /ew, and these options come up in the chat box. How do I select the setting I want? (Ex. "on" (Enables EnergyWatch)

Quark 10-26-05 03:19 PM

Sorry for bothering you guys and putting this stupid post on the top of the forum, I got how to do it now :o

xs4eyesx 04-08-06 10:04 PM

I am having the same problem, I'm too dumb to figure this out. How do you change the options? I assumed its wanting a /ew on, /ew text, /ew show OR whatever, but thats not doing it

Logdan 04-09-06 12:58 AM


/ew on

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