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Bluspacecow 10-15-14 02:29 AM

Sort by Date options
I'm not sure how you would accommodate this in Minion so I'm going to talk about what I would like to see , to open this to discussion.

I would like to have an option to sort all new updates up the top of the addon listing. But I also want to display when the last time I downloaded an update for an addon and to be able to sort on it.

For any addon you have two dates possible - the date the author updated the addon on. And the date you as a user updated the addon on.

Not sure how you'll display that in your UI - bit of a challenge there.

Dolby 10-15-14 09:17 AM

Thanks Bluspacecow,

I responded to the other thread but just wanted to let you know I saw your feedback for this too. I'll try to get this feature out soon.

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