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hasnogaems 09-20-19 04:03 AM

In retail this was put mouseover into focus
With alt click
/script SetBindingMacro("ALT-BUTTON2", "(focussystem)"); SetBinding("BUTTON2","TURNORACTION"); SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet());

/run SetBindingMacro("BUTTON2", "focussystem") SetBinding("ALT-BUTTON2","TURNORACTION") SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet()) -mistake

/run SetBindingMacro("CTRL-BUTTON2", "focussystem") SetBinding("BUTTON2","TURNORACTION") SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet())

/run SetBinding("ALT-BUTTON2",nil) SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet())

/run SetBindingMacro("ALT-BUTTON1", "focussystem") SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet())

/run SetBinding("CTRL-BUTTON2",nil) SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet())

How to make it work in classic? I mean through exution /script focus=UnitName("target") on mouseover.

Kanegasi 09-20-19 05:57 AM

Anything to do with a focus target is not available in Classic. The way the UI was back then allowed for add-ons to add an extra frame that could contain a unit. Blizzard recognized the popularity and added the official focus frame in Burning Crusade. Unfortunately, Classic's UI is similar to Retail's and just as protected, so focus or similar frames are impossible.

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