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Gregity 05-24-12 09:21 PM

Addons Open Yet in MoP?
Hi y'all. I have the MoP beta up and running and the AddOns button is there, and I can see my AddOn in the list if I place it in the AddOns Folder.

However it is red and shows "Insecure".

Is there a different set of keys that unlocks beta AddOn ability? I note the keys giveaway for AddOn Authors (I qualify) and that got me to wondering if I'm just using the wrong key or some such?

Enlighten me, said the grasshopper


Coote 05-24-12 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by Gregity (Post 256511)
Is there a different set of keys that unlocks beta AddOn ability?

Yes, but only us cool kids have them.

All jokes aside, no, addons have not been enabled on the beta servers yet, but they likely will be soon™.

Sinaris 05-25-12 07:00 PM

official there is no way to get the addons working. but there is an exe file to enable the addons onto the beta server.
i didnt tested it but it seems to work.

Petrah 05-25-12 07:13 PM

Isn't that exe an exploit? I thought we weren't allowed to talk about that type of thing here. Did I miss something?

Nobgul 05-25-12 07:38 PM

As far as i know it is a exploit and I would ask that anyone else reading this thread refrain from talking about it. As we are a official fan site we follow the wow TOS and EULA.

Sinaris 05-25-12 08:25 PM

I dont say you have to use it. I am an author and i can wait for activation the addons. other people can not.
So. I think they will allow addons with the next 2 or 3 patches onto the beta realms.

Seerah 05-25-12 09:01 PM

End of story, hacks/exploits will not be tolerated. Whether you are telling people to use them, or just providing information. Locking the thread now.

Blizzard will enable AddOns when they feel that their stock UI has been tested enough. As of right now, it's not even complete.

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