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Jynks 08-22-18 07:49 PM

Any BoF mods like "Deposit Box"?
Just come back to wow ... been away form Panda days.... anyway.. one of the mods I really liked was "Deposit Box" and I was wondering if there is an alternative or a continuation of it under a different name or something?

Basically what it did was make a second money bag... then you set a "tax" as your savings. So for example 50%.. or w/e. Then that % was sent to the deposit box.. leaving your total gold in your bags a smaller value. If you tried to buy something it would not use any of the money in the deposit box.. this was your savings.. you could withdraw or add to it at will though.

I juts really liked it as a way to save money in a fun and visual way. Also, with wow "oh I'll just buy that pet / mount" type thing is was a awesome way to sorta of give you a allowance for free spending but always increase you total pool for those super expensive mounts.

Anyway.. dose anyone know any mods that have this "saving" feature or know a modern version of Deposit Box?

Thanks in advance.

Barleduq 09-05-18 09:41 AM

Bumping this - could someone resurrect it?
Especially with the new super expensive mounts, this would be very nice indeed.

briskman3000 10-03-18 08:38 PM

So I took a look and it doesn't throw any errors, which is a good thing, or at least I thought a first.

For whatever reason the variables don't work correctly anymore and also don't save on reload.

Its using libs (which I have no experience in), so attempting to fix it straight up is out for me. I can look into creating a new addon to recreate what this addon did, but it may take me a while.

Jynks 10-04-18 02:11 AM

well that would be really awesome....

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