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crazzzzi 09-02-12 07:52 AM

Dark Moon Faire
nUi does not work in DMF
the action buttons do not show up on any action bar. when i disabled it there was a whole special action bar that replaced the regular stuff normally at the bottom of the screen. not sure if this was how it was before 5.04, it's always worked with nUi before

Daveo77 09-02-12 08:40 AM

I think it's the vehicle bar that isn't being displayed in place of the normal action bar.

Confirmed by myself and a guildie, that the bar doesn't appear when using nUI v5.07.25.

Most likelt, would affect any quest that uses the vehicle bar or PvP vehicles (TB and WG).

crazzzzi 09-02-12 08:54 AM

that sounds familiar, i knew i saw that bar set-up somewhere. the quest in BT where you drive the demolisher used the same bar

Xrystal 09-02-12 09:16 AM

Hmm, I tested the vehicle bar changing at the icecrown quest area. it worked fine when mounting the animals there. Unless something happened with the patch transfer to the offical addon update. Will have to test it again.

Takne 09-02-12 12:57 PM

Confirmed, had to turn off NUI to complete all DMF activities on 2 different machines,

Xrystal 09-02-12 02:19 PM

Okay, just saw a youtube video of a DMF game being played and the new action bar appeared where the original action bar would normally be. But on that video bartender didn't seem to be aware of it and it was overlaying that space with its own bars. So, sounds like it maybe something from a ways back.

Was it working fine before 5.0.4 hit ? If so then it does indeed seem to be something linked to the new action bar changes they did that currently I don't have a clue how to understand it to see how nUI needs to be tweaked to make them work.

But it definitely is different from the vehicle bar. Its a bar called override bar and it changes depending on what the actions are going to be.

Like I said, I'll look into it when it hits the US servers on Friday and see if I can identify what the problem is.

reddrumjay 09-02-12 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by Xrystal (Post 261985)
Like I said, I'll look into it when it hits the US servers on Friday and see if I can identify what the problem is.

DMF is on US servers now.

Xrystal 09-02-12 03:31 PM

Is it ? I logged in last night and they were still building the area in goldshire.

If so, then I'll log in, later on and take a look see. Other option is to set up a freebie EU account and level up a toon to 20. I assume it won't let you do that stuff at a toon lower than 20. Well will see.

Daveo77 09-02-12 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by Xrystal (Post 261985)
Was it working fine before 5.0.4 hit ?

Yes, it was working fine before 5.0.4 went live.

reddrumjay 09-02-12 03:54 PM

Yes, it's live. I shot myself out of the cannon and discovered the bar wasn't working the hard way. Lol

Daveo77 09-02-12 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by reddrumjay (Post 262011)
Yes, it's live. I shot myself out of the cannon and discovered the bar wasn't working the hard way. Lol

Ouch! That's a painful way of finding out lol.

lars_ulrich62 09-06-12 10:39 AM

is there a fix
same problem....when i go to do dailys for darkmoon. for example the wack a mole daily.. it ALWAYS popped up the bar automatic and one would just press 1 over and over to hit the things that pop up.. no bar pops up now

Xrystal 09-06-12 12:04 PM

Hmm, I'll take another look at this over the next couple of days. It seems getting the override bar to appear for some of the games messed up some of the others.

UrbanArmitage 09-07-12 01:17 AM


Originally Posted by reddrumjay (Post 262011)
Yes, it's live. I shot myself out of the cannon and discovered the bar wasn't working the hard way. Lol

I had an even more interesting one the night before last. I was shot out of the canon, only to find in mid-air that my wings were missing! They were just simply not there to start with when I left the barrel. I tried a few more times to confirm and the same thing happened, then it just came right on its own. Weird stuff, and yes, those trees hurt! :D

I have found that the DMF action bars are working fine for me with 5.07.25 with the BetterExtraActionButtton installed and running, and playing on the Vek'nilash EU server. I get the expected bars on things like whack a gnoll etc, and I ran Ulduar 10 man last night and got the vehicle bar as expected.

zork 09-07-12 01:32 AM

I can help on that. There are new macro conditions for bars.

When a player enters a vehicle that is actually a vehicle (like a motorcycle or a dragon)

If the default UI switches to the overide bar but you are actually not in a vehicle (like the DMF games where you hold a hammer to slap gobilns)

Other new conditions are:

To be able to hide stuff in the petbattle.

To be able to tell when to show the extraButtonBar

If you possess sth or someone you may get the possessbar. This will tell you when to show the possessbar. (This is just a two button bar with the possess spell and an VehicleExit() button)

Currently I got that all down in rActionBarStyler and you can check the state drivers that handle the conditions.

If you are not using the default bars ask Maul for help. He digged really into that when doing ION.

The problem lies within here, the new actionbuttoncontroller:

Our macro conditions need to reflect all those conditions. Currently tempShapeShift is still missing.
If you are using the default bars you only need to know if the overridebar has to show up or not. Everything else will be loaded into the default actionbar anyway.

But what's really hard to do is when you need to do the actionPage swap of the bar by yourself.

You can ask specific questions on that in the MoP beta forums.


Xrystal 09-07-12 02:02 AM

thanks zork,

I was looking at some of your posts to see what was happening with that stuff but nUI does do the page switching itself if I understand it right. So hopefully Scott will correct any errors I may make.

I figured out the override bar but I believe you mentioned in one of your posts somewhere that the vehicleui may also affect it in some cases which may be the case here.

So I will simply have to try all of the games in dark moon faire, hopefully they are still there over the next few days in US, and see what they are supposed to do and then get them to work with nUIs bar code. I am actually learning alot with this bug fixing but not understanding it totally yet. Might have to write a couple of baby bar addons just to figure that stuff out.

Xrystal 09-08-12 07:03 AM

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Urban, I am assuming you never saw my fixes for the new override bar.

I have just tested the darkmoon faire games with and without nUI and they work as expected.

See the screenshots below:

Xrystal 09-08-12 07:11 AM

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And the normal vehicle situation still seems to be working.

crazzzzi 09-08-12 11:19 AM

wow Xrystal, you're awesome

Daveo77 09-08-12 06:05 PM

Xrystal, are your fixes for the new Override Bar included in nUI 5.07.25 ?

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