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Silvereyes 04-29-17 08:24 PM

Simple Macro to display Raidmembers in chat.
Hello i'm new to macro, just wondering how can i link raidmember in chat with a macro.
Let me explain.

I wanna do some pug with xavius mythic where u have to assign each people a soak.

/raid Xavius At 95% First Dream{G1}
/raid {rt1}> RaidMember1
/raid {rt2}> RaidMember2
/raid {rt3}> RaidMember3
/raid {rt4}> RaidMember4
/raid {rt5}> RaidMember5

But i dont know how to display people's name by index (obv raidmember1 doesnt work).

-Sry for my bad english and ty for the help cheers <3

Silvereyes 04-29-17 10:52 PM

Nvm figured out using that macro :

/run SendChatMessage("Xavius at 95% 1st " .. GetSpellLink("206005"), "RAID")
/run SendChatMessage(GetRaidRosterInfo(1).." soak {rt1}","RAID")
/run SendChatMessage(GetRaidRosterInfo(2).." soak {rt2}","RAID")
/run SendChatMessage(GetRaidRosterInfo(3).." soak {rt3}","RAID")
/run SendChatMessage(GetRaidRosterInfo(4).." soak {rt4}","RAID")
/run SendChatMessage(GetRaidRosterInfo(5).." soak {rt5}","RAID")

etc... etc... until all the 20 members

So the trick is using Sendchatmessage with GetRaidRosterInfo(1).

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