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hakastein 01-27-20 03:56 AM

How to get other player major essence?
Hello all. Im totally new in wow addons/lua but i have some experience in other languages. And i am stuck on inspect players. I cant find any manuals or smth what can help me.

For own essences i just use C_AzeriteEssence functions, like


local major = C_AzeriteEssence.GetMilestoneEssence(115)
local ess = C_AzeriteEssence.GetEssenceInfo(major);
print(C_AzeriteEssence.GetEssenceHyperlink(major,ess.rank)); -- link to major

but how can i get major essence of other player?

Please help and sorry for my bad english.

doofus 02-13-20 01:47 AM

As a wild guess, inspect them and parse the tooltip?

hakastein 02-13-20 10:21 PM

Hearth of azeroth has no essences in tooltip, when linked. You can link it in the game and check.

jeruku 02-13-20 11:42 PM

On inspect you can check the inspection target's inventory(equipment). I haven't used the Azerite functions before but can you use the itemID, or itemLink, to get the relevant information you need?

Xrystal 02-14-20 02:48 PM

Of course it could be possible that you aren't allowed to access other people's essences. Some functions are limited to your own. Some bypass that using the tooltips and extract information available there. Others using inspection ..


Shows very few documented inspection options and none to do with new data however, you may find something that will help via this file : which may highlight functions that are used during inspection to gain data and may be useable by addons.

Looking at I can see no reference to a unit implying the player is the only unit the functions act on.

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