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JDoubleU00 03-09-15 06:12 PM

Won't install Two Apps
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Minon loads, displays addon list but when trying to update Dominoes and Bulk Order. Attached is the log.

JDoubleU00 03-09-15 07:01 PM

One additional thing. If I click on the addon, I can click install from the popup window. shrugs

Dolby 03-09-15 11:37 PM

Hi rocnroll,

That is very strange. I'm wondering if there is any more information in your minion0.log? Its located in your user home directory under .minion

C:\Users\<your user name>\.minion\

If you could also post your minion.xml so I can see what games / paths are detections and options are set in Minion that would be great too.

JDoubleU00 03-10-15 07:40 AM

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Here you go. One interesting thing I should mention. WoW is on my D: drive (separate physical disk) and Minion is on my C:. Would that make a difference?

Dolby 03-10-15 11:16 AM

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I think I may have found the problem. In your minion.xml Minion shows it detected a copy of WoW in this path (The windows Recycle Bin)...

and it was hidden from the game list since I'm sure to you it looked like a duplicate so you removed it from the list which really just hides it at the moment. Since Minion doesn't have permission to write to this path (and it shouldn't) I'm near certain its the cause of your crash.

This looks to have been a old game detection as in the past month or two we have since told Minion not to scan in those types of folders anymore. We have a nice rule set now so Minion doesn't waste time looking in the trash or windows folder, etc looking for games. That wasn't the case in the past though.

I've removed that game detection from your minion.xml and attached it to this post. Could you please...
  • Delete your minion.xml located in C:\Users\<your username>\.minion\minion.xml
  • Download the new minion.xml attached to this post .
  • Copy the new minion.xml to C:\Users\<your username>\.minion\
  • Restart Minion and let me know if it crashes.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

JDoubleU00 03-10-15 02:00 PM

Seems to have done the trick. I appreciate you speedy response. I really love what Minion has become.

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