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Fhait 10-15-14 06:28 AM

Patch 6.0, the death-knell ?
Wondering if the 6.0 patch is going to finally be the death of this amazing work ?

I didn't want to do it, but I've installed ElvUI and have been tinkering with that in place of RDX since yesterday.

Perhaps RDX has just become too much work for only one person. If so I'd really like to thank Sigg for all the hard work on this. It really is an amazing piece of technology that really deserved more uptake than it got from the community.

Best wishes,

= F

sigg 10-15-14 02:47 PM

Unfortunately no:D

12 months working on rdx10

I will try to release an alpha version this week end

Fhait 10-21-14 06:50 PM

Glad to hear it Sigg.

Looking forward to trying out the new Alpha.

= F

Bethan 10-22-14 01:17 PM

It is already available :
(see sigg's post )

Apparently there is no way to load old configs, and I planned to spend a few hours this evening to look at how it works (hadn't much time to play wow this past few days :D)

BTW, from the very little I already played with it : the fact that it spams when you enter unknown zones is quite annoying, especially given that it doesn't know any of the zones in the beta :( . Also I still have to manually modify the BlizzFullDisable.lua file each time there is a new version because it still doesn't support "not disabling most of blizzard UI" by default, but I'm used to it by now :p

sigg 10-22-14 01:56 PM

I don't have a key for the beta. Never receive it. So I was not able to add the zones of the new continent in the Carbonite Map system.

I will release a new alpha version soon.

Bethan 10-22-14 03:32 PM

I'll try to test the next release more intensively on the beta (rather than on live). Don't hesitate to ask me specific informations if you need them in the meanwhile ! (even if I guess the beta client and the live one should be pretty similar now)

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