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Fizzlemizz 05-18-20 02:12 AM

Another site "harvesting" addons

Came across this with at least one of the addons I only upload to WoWI. The usual link with a request to "Claim" my addon(s) was also included.

The requirement of "linking" your WoWi and/or Curse accounts as part of the claim process is a bit unsettling to say the least :(.

Blue box...

Xrystal 05-18-20 04:01 AM

Thankfully none of my addons are on there but there are over 120 addons on the site and likely the more popular ones.

AcidWeb 05-18-20 04:05 PM

I contacted them long time ago. They don't see anything wrong with their opt-out model.

Fizzlemizz 05-18-20 04:36 PM

A-Holes rarely see anything wrong with anything they do.

SDPhantom 05-20-20 04:49 AM

I ran a WhoIs on the domain and tracked the web host to a company called OVH.
Here's a link to reporting copyright infringement.

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