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anisa 10-17-18 05:34 AM

Carbonite Confusion
So I was using Minion to keep my addons updated, but with Carbonite being behind the game for a while around Legion release, I used a wget script (Yes, I play on Linux with wine-staging-esync-pba) to get the files from Rythal's github repo.

However, I am currently confused after going without carbonite for a few months, and mostly about what to get from where-
I got Carbonite- from Curse but Wowinterface carries 7.0.3b and Minion keeps overwriting my Curse install, so I would really really be grateful to get some clarity on this, and also a synchronised named offering would be much appreciated.

The task of checking everything all the time before I play, is just a bit daunting to me.

ircdirk 10-17-18 05:47 AM

I dont use Minion, so i dont know if it has Alpha releases. As i see WowInterface doesnt update to latest releases for Github and i dont have access to it, to make it update. Wrote to Rythal maybe he can help with this, he has all accesses and rights.

Better use Curse/Twitch client. Set Curse/Twitch client to use Alpha releases for Carbonite + Modules.

anisa 10-17-18 07:17 AM

Ahh OK.
That explains the situation, then.
Thanks for the effort as well, at least now I know why I am swearing so loudly before playing.. I'll focus on getting updated from Curse, then, meanwhile.

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