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Seerah 10-16-16 08:23 PM

Pick for 10/16: ManaPercent (new) and Below Average Items (updated)

Do you display your current mana amount on your unit frame as a percent, rather than the actual amount? Ever wonder if you have enough mana to cost a particular skill but have no idea if your 11% is really 4,672? ManaPercent is a small, simple addon which will alter the mana cost text in your tooltips to display as a percent rather than the actual mana amount.

You can get it here.

Below Average Items:

Sometimes I open my character sheet and wonder which items are holding down my average item level - particularly, which slot has been waiting for an upgrade the longest and has, therefor, the lowest item level. This addon adds a little icon to the corner of each item slot on your character sheet if that item is below your average. With it, you can see this information at a glance, without needing to mouseover every slot and search for that text in the tooltip. In addition, the item with the lowest item level will have a red icon instead of yellow.

Save yourself some time and sanity - this addon can be downloaded here.

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