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JDoubleU00 03-31-18 11:42 AM

Not sure if this the right forum, but I just got in the Alpha. Is anyone else in?

Fizzlemizz 03-31-18 12:23 PM

For a couple of weeks now.

JDoubleU00 03-31-18 04:07 PM


Originally Posted by Fizzlemizz (Post 327422)
For a couple of weeks now.

Do you report every error/bug you encounter or gloss over the minor and focus on the big items?

Fizzlemizz 03-31-18 04:23 PM

I'm not really their target audience. I prefer to start the new content with fresh eyes when it is released and really only interested in when addons are enabled in Beta.

I would say report everything because you don't know what others have/haven't reported other than what is in the alpha bug report forum.

VincentSDSH 03-31-18 06:44 PM

I'm in as well. If you stay abreast of the Alpha forums, you'll sometimes see bugs noted there but otherwise Report Everything* and describe it as clearly as you can. In my day-job, I hate sorting through 50+ reports of the same bug, but I hate it much, much less than having to sort through 1000+ after release (especially small stuff that was an easy/fast correction).

* That said, some things are clearly known or will be heavily reviewed/altered/updated/tuned (e.g., X spell doesn't have Y effect) so you might give that a pass in alpha. This is why staying up-to-date on the forums is important in alpha.

Xrystal 04-01-18 10:15 AM

I'm in there and I report every error with as much detail as fits in the input box including the first part of the error message, what class/race I am and where I am as well as which mob/building/item I am having problems with. For the most part the precise location and facing direction is recorded automatically if the forums are to go by. Concentrating on questing and crafting etc which is what my normal game play is based around.

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