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zork 10-24-12 04:02 AM

Addon downloads of the last month
Would it be possible to add another row to the addon list of an author showing the downloads of the last 31days?

Currently sorting by downloads fails when adding a newer addon to the list.

Xrystal 10-24-12 04:21 AM

That would be cool to know. It's hard to say how popular an addon is if there isn't a way of seeing at a glance when it was last downloaded by someone. I used to do it by hand but ran out of time to spend on it.

Phanx 10-24-12 10:53 PM

I think "downloads since the last update" would be a more useful measurement, since an addon that's gone a year without an update won't have as many downloads in the last month as an addon that was updated 3 weeks ago.

zork 10-25-12 01:44 AM

No. I want sth like "what's hot".
But downloads since the latest update would be another useful information. Adding it to the list.

Dolby 10-25-12 11:56 AM

All great ideas, currently information we don't keep. I'll have to take a look at the db requirements for that. :)

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