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Aalwein 02-20-17 10:28 AM

Incompatible with Immersion?
Is anyone using Carbonite and Immersion and having any issues? I know it's not necessarily Carbonite's problem here but the Immersion dev seems to think he's above looking into the issue (I posted on his thread first). I dunno what the "dev etiquette" is on this.

In any case, when using Immersion alone, it works fine, but Carbonite fusses with the gossip options making them flicker and unusable. I'm wondering if anyone uses both and found a line of code to fix to make them play nice together.

Here is an example gif:

MunkDev 02-20-17 11:53 AM

Well, it's not that I'm "above looking into the issue", it's the fact that it's caused by an invisible Carbonite frame that overlaps the Immersion frame. It's not Immersion that messes with Carbonite, it's Carbonite that messes with Immersion.

You can type /framestack yourself and you'll see the frame that's positioned over the buttons. I have no idea what the purpose of that frame is, but a simple fix you can do yourself is to move the gossip buttons elsewhere on screen if that's something you can get accustomed to.

Aalwein 02-20-17 01:19 PM

Gotcha. I'll move the Immersion stuff around and see if that works out.

edit: Moving them solves the problem for a second, but it just starts flickering again. I wonder, can I disable the Carbonite frame that is overlapping? Or is it possible to set the Immersion frame to a higher strata than the Carbonite frame?

Svegan 02-20-17 08:23 PM

since i do not run immersion, and carbonite is a modular addon, could you share the frame name that shows up and causes the problem?

MunkDev 02-22-17 12:15 PM

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ircdirk 02-22-17 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by MunkDev (Post 322334)

Just installed Immerse, no problems on my side. Is this updated version of Carbonite from github?

As to this frame, its hidden so even that /framestack shows it, it shouldnt interfere with other things, as if it would u couldnt click anything over it.

MunkDev 02-22-17 04:41 PM

I can't say for sure that's the frame that caused it. I reproduced the issue on a fresh install but the flickering has since stopped. Not sure what the cause is. The flickering seemed to be due to it spamming OnEnter/OnLeave on the buttons and they could not be clicked.

ircdirk 02-23-17 12:42 PM

Ok i know what causes this. Carbonite uses many WOW API functions that update/get/set player location and that triggers QUEST_LOG_UPDATE event very often. That makes Immersion buttons flick. This occurs only when completed quest is on the list.

Immersion Developers should use UNIT_QUEST_LOG_CHANGED insted of QUEST_LOG_UPDATE.

So @MunkDev if u are a Manager of Immersion addon please make small fix :)

I could make an ugly hack for this in Carbonite code, but thats not the point.

MunkDev 02-24-17 01:21 AM

What's the difference between them? I'm using the events of the default UI to handle quest data.
Also, are you sure your code is working properly? I mean, that's an excessive amount of spam of that event.

ircdirk 02-24-17 01:39 AM


Originally Posted by MunkDev (Post 322371)
What's the difference between them? I'm using the events of the default UI to handle quest data.
Also, are you sure your code is working properly? I mean, that's an excessive amount of spam of that event.

Yes the code is ok, we need to use those functions to update map and zones or player position. There is no other way. The fact is that QUEST_LOG_UPDATE is triggering so often is becouse Blizz make it that way.

They didnt want to change it and they introduced UNIT_QUEST_LOG_CHANGED:

Fires when a unit's quests change (accepted/objective progress/abandoned/completed). This event will trigger both for your status changes, and that of others (when in a party/raid), and signifies that something has changed regarding the unit's current quests. This event triggering means that one of the following has occured: Accepted a new quest, abandoned an existing quest, achieved progress on the objectives of a quest, or completed (turned in) a quest.

The difference is that it only triggers on "accepted/objective progress/abandoned/completed" and thats what u need :)

MunkDev 02-24-17 03:19 AM

Gotcha, I'll make the switch.

ircdirk 02-24-17 04:27 AM


Originally Posted by MunkDev (Post 322374)
Gotcha, I'll make the switch.

Great, good to now that we can get a long between devs :)

Aalwein 02-24-17 04:04 PM

Nice. I wasn't trying to be a jackass with my comment, btw, I just definitely used a poor choice of words. I know how much work goes into your addons and I appreciate every little bit you guys do. I look forward to the update (I've just been using the 1-2-3 option for now).

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