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Niketa 05-20-20 04:55 PM

Lib: IconPath
There is this library installed in my addons called "Lib: IconPath" by Ignifazius. I have no clue where it came from, but I am interested in using it in my addon. Problem is, since I can't figure out where it even came from, I can't get the repository to use it.

I really don't want to just copy it into my addon and use it without at least having some way to give credit.

So, does anyone know what this is from? Which addon downloaded it? Because it's not an embedded library, it's just installed as a normal library. I can't find any listed dependents either.

Kanegasi 05-20-20 05:28 PM

According to curseforge relations, BetterIconSelect, Minimal Archaeology, and Mount Journal Enhanced uses it, but they all seem outdated.

Niketa 05-20-20 05:36 PM

Awesome, thank you!

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