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brotherhobbes 10-28-12 12:04 PM

Right Click to Unlock - Pick Lock AddOn for Rogue
My finacée plays a Rogue and is nice enough to unlock all the locked boxes/chest I mail her, but she was hoping to speed up the process. Looking for an up to date AddOn that allows you to right click to unlock locked boxes. Basically cast pick lock on locked boxes on right click.

Everything I have found, on this site and others, seems to be out of date. Any recommendations would be great! Thank you.

Coote 10-28-12 12:41 PM

Try out Molinari. Alt+Click on the lockboxes, and it will unlock them. It also works for prospecting, disenchanting, and milling.

brotherhobbes 10-28-12 01:42 PM

Thank you, will check it out.

Phanx 10-28-12 09:07 PM

LockSmith will pop up a button on your screen when you have a locked box in your inventory. Click on it to unlock the box. If you have more than one locked box, keep clicking on the button to unlock all the boxes. Once you have no more locked boxes, the button will disappear.

You may also be interested in CrowBar, which does the same thing, but for openable containers (including unlocked boxes, clams, dungeon reward bags, etc.) instead.

I prefer this approach over Molinari, since I don't have to look through my bags to find the box/container, and I don't have to be paying attention to notice when I get something I can unlock/open. I would recommend Molinari for disenchanting/milling/prospecting, though.

brotherhobbes 10-28-12 09:56 PM

Thanks, Phanx, I'll show her that as well. Locksmith was what I had originally found, but it did not appear to be updated for the MoP lockboxes here on WoWInterface. I did not think to check WowAce!

Phanx 10-28-12 10:27 PM

Unfortunately a lot of authors are lazy and don't remember to post their updates to whichever site isn't their main one for weeks or months. This sometimes applies to me as well, but since WoWI is my main site, you guys are safe. :p

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