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Jynks 12-29-20 12:29 AM

Help with HealBot Options
I'm having some issue with HealBot... basically I wanted to make a new healer and thought it would be fun to level this one in BattleGrounds... but even though I use healbot all the time on my main for mythics I realise I no jack about customising it.

What I am trying to do is make the raid frames simply show each group of 5... 1 column per group, I want it so health is 100%, damage is 0% and out of range is completely transparent.. so when I run around the BG only the bars in range are visible.

Anyone knwo how I can set this uip.. I tried vudu but it is more alien to me than healbot as I have beeen using it for so long. I also couldn't see a why to make transparent if out of range.

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