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ousht0t 08-18-19 11:25 AM

WANTED: Invert SPACE and SHIFT addon
Hey all,

WoW classic is almost coming out and my friends convinced me to join in on the fun.

20 years ago I played FPS games with the Arrow keys and because of that I still use L-SHIFT to jump today.

Ive tried changing to spacebar but it is super hard to get used too.

So my request is, can someone make an addon to make it possible to use L-SHIFT to jump. Maybe by inverting the keys SHIFT and SPACE???

Ive tried with a macro on my keyboard, but when i have movementkeys pressed down, it only registers one jump and I can spam the button until i let go of the other keys :(

pls help :)

PS: I know im a freak for not using space to jump… :banana:

Seerah 08-18-19 03:12 PM

You can do this in the default keybinding interface, can't you?

Kanegasi 08-18-19 07:54 PM

As far as I'm aware, you can set shift to something alone, but you can't alter the "modification" ability of shift itself. OP is looking to make Ctrl, Alt, and Space to be the modification keys while Shift is jump.

JDoubleU00 08-20-19 12:33 PM

I haven't tested this, but what about one of the addons that does kiey bindings?

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