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rafaelm 10-03-12 08:09 PM

Localization PTBr
Plz, update Carbonite to ptBR
Quests and minimap not work

Tks ;)

rafaelm 10-10-12 08:32 PM

Pls guys, update to PTBR.. :(

Chmee 10-10-12 11:12 PM

"It doesn't work, please fix it" isn't real helpful. That said, I'm guessing you have a localization issue. Seach the Carbonite forums here, particularly the localization forum. You might find something useful.

Genocyber 10-12-12 12:22 PM

This version works for ptBR, but it seens to be a little older than the rythals one.

josielgunner 10-25-12 06:27 AM

Já funcionando
Só passando aqui pra dizer que a ultima versão do carbonite esta funcionando perfeitamente no cliente ptBr

See ya ^^

pardalbr 10-25-12 07:01 AM

A função de mostar nodes no mapa não está funcionando em pandária. Não mostra nem adiciona novo node.

The function of display nodes on map is not working in Pandaria. Don´t shows neither adds new node.


Rythal 10-25-12 08:08 AM

that's because node gathering was written to only support the 4 originals (english, french, german, spanish) it won't be fixed until I'm able to redo the gathering part of it.

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