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Szakura 03-21-05 12:58 AM

/silly on

A Man from New York goes to Texas for a vacation (why? no idea). When he checks into the hotel he asked for a small room. The man at the front desk asked, "Where in tarnation are you from?", the Man replied, "New York". The man at the front desk shook his head, "Well, thats all fine and dandy, but here in Texas everything is we only have big rooms." The Man replied, "Fine, any room works." After checking in he asks where he can get a drink and was told to go across the street. After walking across the street for about 30 mins he finally comes to the bar on the other side. "Gimme a small drink, strongest you got!", the Man said. The bartender looked the Man over and said, "Yer not from around here are ya?". The Man nodded yes and the bartender sighed, "Well, here in Texas everything is big, so I only serve big drinks...want a small drink? use the trough!". The Man threw some money on the table, "Fine! Just gimme a drink!". After finishing about half of the 5 gallon drink the Man asked the bartender where the bathroom is, "Third door on the right, just down the hall ther". So, the Man stumbles his way down the hall and after about 15 mins he finally reaches the end and opens the door to the left. *SPLASH*...the Man comes up from the pool, gasping for breath, "DON'T FLUSH IT DON'T FLUSH IT!!!!".....

Everything's big in Texas(even toilets :o )

:D a bit long, but hope it gives ya a good day :D

/silly off

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