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Animux 09-11-12 05:19 AM

Request UI
I`am looking for a while for a interessting UI and i dont find to download this UI. Maybe some of you can help me whit this.

Thank you.

eiszeit 09-11-12 06:14 AM

There is none. You could ask him/her on WoWUIGallery, if he/she could upload it.

Animux 09-11-12 06:25 AM

I tried to talk to him but received no response, I even tried to contact the site administrator, but no answer. I posted here because I thought someone could help me at least with graphic art of the UI (I really like those two blue wolves).

Thank you.

kasca 09-11-12 08:18 AM

I like that myself. Iam not into the plain bar set up. This looks like it be ery intersting.

Animux 09-11-12 08:34 AM

Yes, it is a very nice ui for a shaman.

Phanx 09-11-12 05:04 PM

You'd need to find your own wolf images and edit them in Photoshop/GIMP/whatever.

Animux 09-12-12 03:02 AM

It is a good idea, but I'm not a programmer, and although I managed to create an image in photoshop, I would not know how to implement it in the game interface. Therefore I appeal to your help in this regard. My problem is that I would have to invest a lot of time to process even a picture in photoshop, and maybe double as a way to research and implement this image in the game interface. While you, thanks to the experience that you have, you would be much easier to create. I would not want to take away from your precious time, so if possible, I would like a clear answer, if one of the authors of addons on this site, is able and would like to make this interface. I want to thank you in advance for your time whether the answer is positive or negative.

Thank You.

Phanx 09-12-12 05:45 AM

I do not like distracting artwork in my UI, and do not like the concept of premade UIs anyway, so I have no interest in spending any time on this project, sorry.

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