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rakkarage 12-13-10 02:50 PM

button glow/sparkle in macros?
is there any way to make the button glow/sparkle work for macaroon?

nm... it works thanks

rakkarage 12-16-10 09:09 PM

well it usually works... seems it does not work after changing specs or something?

Dwargh 12-17-10 01:12 AM

Thing is, different specs have different action procs. So what spell gets the glow depends on what kind of specs you have.

rakkarage 12-18-10 05:30 PM

ok i have finally nailed down the exact reproducable problem...

as a warrior, i have 4 fury abilities that get the glow... victory rush, raging blow, slam and execute...

these work fine and show the glow at the right times...

until i change specs to prot and then change back to fury. all except raging blow still work... but raging blow does not get a glow until i /reload or quit and restart...

i dont know why it only happens for raging blow, all the others work fine...

please help, thanks a lot

edit: works in default ui

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