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elviso 04-11-06 07:28 PM

New addon pseudocode - need feedback please
Greetings all,

Some priests in my guild know that I'm handy with scripting, but I've never actually coded any addons from scratch, so what they're requesting of me is quite the chore. I've got some pseudocode drawn up, and I'll be the 1st to admit that it's ugly, nasty, terrible, has gaping holes in the logic, and is pretty much just bad....however....if any of you wouldn't mind taking a look at it, and posting any relevant feedback, I'd love to hear it. Hopefully you can read my half-pseudo, half-lua mess:

The jist of it is, "Automagically finds a PI target, i.e. either a warlock or mage, with mana > x, in-range, in-raid or in-party, and able to cast (not seduced, etc). Has a favorites list and a skip list."

EDIT: the favorite & skip lists (tables) are going to be saved in saved vars, sorry if that's not evident in the pseudocode.

elviso 04-12-06 01:10 AM

Ok, looks like a few people read the post, but I can only guess why there's no replies :D

Anyways, I've converted the really-messy-pseudocode into not-quite-as-messy code (I hope).....anyways, obviously a work in progress, but still any feedback would be cool :cool:

Maia 04-12-06 02:11 PM

Elviso, I can't really comment on the code as it looks pretty streamlined to me - but I wouldnt call myself an expert at all. But I'd like to thank you for linking pastebin - I love it.

elviso 04-12-06 05:11 PM

Hrmm, thanks :)

I'll just use this post as a historical record of my pastebins then, and I'll let others comment as they see fit...

elviso 04-13-06 04:56 AM

I suprised myself and got a working (somewhat) version going, and I think as soon as I get some /commands added (tomorrow hopefully) that it'll be ready for some in-guild alpha testing.

Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of n00bish programming!

elviso 04-15-06 12:32 AM

Latest incarnation can be found here:

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