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GhostNova 02-08-13 11:07 PM

Action bar questions
I have 3 actions bar set up in my Totorox Dead theme, but the 3rd row on the bottom has my skills, but it's not usable and I can't click on any of the skills, how do I fix this problem? Also, is there a way to maybe make my chat box a bit bigger? Please and thank you. Also, how do I display my Exp bar on an alt character?

GhostNova 02-09-13 10:10 AM

Also, I'd like to make some of my own panels and put in some pictures like the player in the following link has done,

What I mean by panels are the social, skills, talent, quests and character panels on the side and I'd like to put some anime pictures in, how do I go about doing that and what will I need? please and thank you.

MNKyDeth 02-09-13 11:33 AM

I am not sure why you would have a problem with the action bar in the totorox theme. Someone else will have to help with that.

For the chat boxes all you need to do is go in and edit the width and height of the box itself through package explorer. You could also adjust the scale of the window instead to increase it's size.

For the textures go into the RDX_mediapack_ext folder inside your Wow -> Interface -> Addons -> RDX_mediapack_ext

There is a readme that tells you how to add your own textures.

Hopefully this info can at least get you started until someone with more knowledge sees the post.

sigg 02-09-13 02:47 PM

I am not sure, but the click issue may be link to the same issue post by Brainn here.

A fix is available in github or just wait for the next release of RDX

About the exp, use the wizard window tool to copy the window exp from an other theme.


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