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sigg 11-25-13 11:44 AM

Rdx 10

I started working on RDX 10
No release date available for now

There is no more evolution for RDX 9

Just to let you know


edg3one 11-27-13 04:10 PM

awesome!!!! i love your addon. keep up the good work

Cripsii 01-05-14 04:39 PM

Good news with 2 month retards!

but what's the main line for RDX10?
New feature?
Reabilitish Bossmod?
Just a Core rewrite?

If you wan't help sigg...

And happy new year :)

sigg 01-06-14 02:17 PM

Some new features :banana:

strikerboy414 01-15-14 10:24 PM

Looking forward to it Sigg!

sigg 08-26-14 03:14 AM


Just to let you know that I am still working hard on RDX 10.
I hope to release an alpha version before the next expansion.


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