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ak_mr_green 05-06-11 09:24 PM

LF-help with target and ToT frame editing in lua
What I would like to do is ADD an "image" into the lua (iguess>.<) of the oUF that i have choose'n/will choose to use, as my player/target/ToT frames.

I'd like this image to be behind the Hp/power bar frame of the target. ToT and Focus frame's. When you have nothing target'd there is no frame, but when you do, obviously the target "frame" pops up showing you the infomation about the target.
I would like my image to be attached to the back side of the target bar frame's i am useing/will create.

If anyone has used or try'd out spartanUI, I would like the frames to operate something close to that.

Here is a pic to try and help me describe it? O.o

The white circle'd frame's/bars are (close to) the bars i would like to use. But i would like them to have a border/background type image, like in the spartanUI taht is below them. The thing is, I want the border/background, that I add, to Not be there if I do NOT have a target. If i have a target tho, i want the bar frames to be displayed, overtop of "said" background image.


I'm really new to all of this, and have been try'ing to educate myself the best i can but its rather..... intimidating,(lol, i cant spell either!)
I can make the image i want on my own, all fine and easy, but Actualy makeing the image work in the oUF with the target frame, just, confuse's me. I dont know If I'm asking in the right place, or if I'm even asking the right question!

TY for help if ANY is out there!

voodoodad 05-06-11 10:08 PM

If you use Kgpanels or the like you can simply make the target and tot the parent of the background texture. That way if you don't have a target the background won't show up.

If you're doing this through pure lua I'm sure someone will come along and pass along some incantation that will work. :rolleyes:

ak_mr_green 05-06-11 10:35 PM

It's quite possible you just saved me hour's of headache!

Altho someone coming along with some crazy incantation, like you said, would be nice.

This May just work till then>.<!

I haven't used Kgpannels either but it looks rather simple. TY!

I am still interested in how one would go about doing this within just the Lua.

If someone knows of a tutorial explaining it(because it's to complicated for a forum post) I would gladly check it out.

voodoodad 05-07-11 12:24 AM

Here is a KGpanels tutorial that helped me. Keep in mind it's about a year and a half old, but the basics should still apply. I haven't used it in a long time but I remember it being pretty easy to use.

Mischback 05-07-11 01:30 AM

No need for kgpanels, if you're already using oUF. You simply create a texture in your target-styling function with the correct "image". oUF will handle all other stuff for you, since it will hide all target-associated stuff, when you don't have a target and will show it, when you target something.

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