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Seerah 01-21-12 06:08 PM

Gameplay Resources
Databases and Wikis:

One of our sister sites, Wowhead is a full database of everything World of Warcraft. In addition to the database, there are talent calculators, news posts, guides, etc.

Wowpedia is a wiki for World of Warcraft. It is also a great resource for macros and tutorials/information for UI modification and addon creation.

Economic Resources:

If you like to play the Auction House Game, look up The Undermine Journal for auction statistics across all servers. Find out which items are selling the best and see data for a specific seller.

Min-Max Resources:

Ask Mr. Robot is the place to go to know how to reforge your equipment, which gems and enchants you should have, and which item is a better upgrade.

Profession Resources:

WoW-Professions has profession leveling guides as well as guides for farming your materials.

Another site that covers all professions is Crafter's Tome. It pulls all recipes from the Wowhead database, has leveling guides, a companion addon, and more.

If you want a site dedicated to Fishing, check out El's Extreme Anglin'. If you could find a copy of Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin' to read, this is what would be in it.

For more in-depth information on all things Archaeology, visit WoW Digs. Read up on all of the achievements, artifacts, quests, etc.

PVP Resources:

Need some help with arenas or general PVP? Check out Arena Junkies for guides, macros, etc.

Raid Resources:

If you are looking for videos on boss kills, raid strategies, class mechanics/theorycrafting, or other info, check out another of our sister sites, TankSpot.

If you are wondering how your progression compares with others in your guild or on your server, you can look it up on WoW Heroes. You can even compare your guild's progress with the rest of the server. It will also tell you which raids you should be working on based on your current gear.

Manaflask has guides for each class as well as raid bosses and other information. In addition, there are forums and live streams. Most of the site's content comes from members of the Ensidia and For The Horde guilds, two of the top WoW guilds.

Reputation Resources:

You can find a great reputation calculator at Wowjuju so that you can see what you still need to do to get to exalted with any faction.

Other Resources:

If you are all about the collecting vanity pets and companions, check out Warcraft Pets. There are guides to collecting your pets, listings of every pet in-game, and you can even keep track of your own collection on the site. Breanni, the site's founder, has even found her way into the game as an NPC in Dalaran at the pet store, Magical Menagerie.

Class-based resources may be found in our Class Discussions forum.

I'm sure that there is more that can be added to this list. If you have come across a site in your WoW travels that you think should be listed here, send me a PM on the site.

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